Women Treating Women

The Rose’s drug and alcohol addiction treatment for women is rooted in a science-based, research-supported clinical model to ensure a healthier life without addiction. Our staff is designed by women for women to provide an idyllic environment for healing. Not only is our programming created by women, but our staff is comprised of trained female professionals, providing an added layer of comfort for clients.

About The Rose

The Rose is a luxurious beachfront house where women live and receive private addiction and alcoholism treatment. The Rose is a popular destination because it is an extremely private teatment center right on the sand in Newport Beach.

The Rose has been very effective in helping women who value privacy get a new start on life without drugs or alcohol.

All therapeutic appointments and processes are offered either on site at The Rose or nearby at one of our facility’s many offices. All 12-Step support group meetings are at upscale facilities in the area. All of our numerous recovery activities, which physically strengthen our female clients and build their self-esteem, occur within Orange County.

Addiction & Alcoholism Are Still Stigmatized

Recently, society has become much more aware that drug addiction and alcoholism are medical conditions that can be treated. Our staff of physicians, lecturers, and addiction specialists at The Rose has had much influence in the medical community in bringing awareness to this fact.

Still, in many people’s eyes, a woman who has lost control of her drinking or become chemically dependent on a drug has the stigma of being an addict. Many still believe that a woman who suffers from addiction is making a conscious choice to abuse drugs or alcohol.

We know that alcoholism and drug addiction are not a choice. Our staff makes sure that the woman patient and her family understand the reality of addiction early in the treatment process so that we can start the work of helping her change her behaviors.

The disease model of alcoholism/addiction is one of the first topics covered during our family counseling program and a topic which many people find liberating because it helps them understand that addiction is a medical condition that requires the appropriate level of medical treatment.

Public Figures, Actresses, & Executives Choose The Rose

Many of the top therapists and addiction physicians frequently refer to The Rose to help executives, actresses, and other public figures who prefer to keep their treatment private.  Often, the women in our facility have a lot to lose if the treatment they receive becomes public knowledge or workplace gossip.  Women who need the utmost in privacy and confidentiality benefit from the discreet process of receiving addiction or alcoholism treatment with us.

Tour Our Rehabilitation Facility

Please call us today to get answers to any questions you may have and take the first step toward getting treatment for yourself or a loved one who needs help overcoming an addiction.  We would love to show you around our facility at a time when our current clients are off-site.

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The admissions process at The Rose was both streamlined and informative. They were very responsive when I contacted them, and were able to get me the treatment that I deserved quickly. I have The Rose to thank for saving my life.

– Former Patient
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