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The Rose offers comfortable drug detox for women in Newport Beach, CA. Our safe, beachfront environment is the ideal setting for detoxification and unlike any other rehab experience in Southern California.

Importance of Drug Detox

The importance of detox for drug addiction

An addiction to drugs and/or alcohol is not an easy thing to overcome without professional help from a detox and rehab treatment center. Those who struggle with the compulsion to abuse substances are often saddled with an overwhelming need to use, and many do so in an attempt to mask the pain of some sort of emotional turmoil. Additionally, there are those individuals who abuse a substance or substances so often and in such increasing amounts that they develop a tolerance for their substance(s) of choice. When this occurs, a person’s body can become physically dependent on the substance or substances that she is using, which can make the recovery process more complex, especially if she does not seek help for detox.

Suffering from chemical dependency means that an individual’s body is now reliant on the presence of drugs and/or alcohol. In the event that a person ceases her use of her substance of choice, uncomfortable and even painful withdrawal symptoms can set in and trigger the individual to then use again. It is for this reason that seeking treatment at an addiction rehab and detox center is appropriate and necessary in order to defeat a chemical dependency concern.

Once a person decides to seek treatment and rehab for chemical dependency, she will come to realize that there are many options for care available. And while many addiction treatment and rehabilitation options are effective in helping people overcome their substance abuse problems, it is important for those dependent on a substance or substances to especially consider care that includes detoxification services. Also known as detox, this intervention is proven effective when part of treatment and rehab plans in helping women dependent on drugs and/or alcohol overcome their chemical dependency concerns. By ridding their bodies of the toxic substance that led to their addictions in the first place, detox helps women can gain the clarity of mind needed for additional addiction rehab and treatment, such as that offered at The Rose of Newport Beach.

By receiving detox at the start of one’s comprehensive addiction rehab and treatment program, it is possible to reclaim one’s life from an addiction to heroin, alcohol, methamphetamine, or another addictive substance.

Benefits of Drug Detox

Benefits of detoxing from drugs at The Rose in Newport Beach, CA

Those who receive detox at the beginning of their addiction rehab and treatment stand to gain several advantages in their efforts towards achieving lasting recovery. Conversely, those who do not receive detox and are physically dependent on a substance or substances are, unfortunately, more likely to continue on in the cycle of substance abuse. Without the help of a detox treatment center, withdrawal symptoms can drive these individuals back to using over and over again.

Generally speaking, women who elect to receive addiction rehab and treatment that includes detox will be able to jumpstart their recovery and benefit in the following ways:

  • Medications can be administered during detox to alleviate uncomfortable and painful withdrawal symptoms.
  • Women can receive care that can diminish cravings for further substance use while in detox.
  • The harmful effects that substances can have on the body are decreased.

Furthermore, individuals who receive detox are supervised by knowledgeable professionals, including physicians, nurse practitioners, and nurses, who are highly trained in administering and facilitating detox protocols and can preserve the overall health and wellbeing of each person in this level of treatment for addiction rehab.

Sadly, there are many individuals who either do not engage in any sort of substance abuse rehab and treatment, or do not receive detox at the start of their care. These women are among those who often remain trapped in a seemingly endless cycle of substance abuse and continue to be at risk for various life-threatening consequences as a result. Among such consequences of not receiving detox at an addiction rehab and treatment center is the ever-present risk of overdose. Overdose occurs when a person consumes a substance to a degree that her body is unable to process it. This aftereffect of substance abuse can be fatal and may not deter an individual from continuing to abuse substances if she survives it.

However, the future of a person struggling with addiction does not have to be so grim. Regardless of whether attempts were made to end an addiction in the past, there is always hope and help available in the form of professional addiction rehab and treatment, such as that offered at The Rose of Newport Beach. By receiving detox prior to participating in comprehensive treatment and rehabilitation, a woman can find freedom from her chemical dependency concerns.

Why Consider Drug Detox

Why consider drug detox & rehab at The Rose of Newport Beach

If you, your sister, mother, or close friend is in need of high quality, women-only addiction treatment and rehab, look no further than The Rose of Newport Beach. Our center is uniquely prepared to effectively address and treat several different forms of chemical dependency and can arm you or a loved one with the skills needed to bloom into a healed, substance-free woman. We also provide referrals for addiction detox centers to help start your treatment and rehab.

To learn more about our programming, give us a call. You recovered life awaits you.

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