Affordable Care Act Supports Addiction Recovery

The Rose provides drug addiction treatment for women rooted in a science-based, research-supported clinical model to ensure a healthier life. Our treatment experience was designed by women for women, so you or your loved one receive a tailored experience.

Great news! The Affordable Care Act (the ACA)– also known as health care reform or “ObamaCare”- is going to be helping over 62 million American get substance abuse treatment.  In particular, this brief considers the impact of the ACA’s Medicaid expansion, Affordable Insurance Exchanges, and Essential Health Benefits (EHBs) on the healthcare market, anticipating the law’s effects on the financing and provision of substance abuse treatment.  The brief predicts that the influx of newly insured individuals coupled with EHB and parity requirements will yield a considerable number of new substance abuse clients and trigger a notable shift in payers.  These events, in turn, will drive further changes for both substance abuse treatment providers and clients, as the field moves toward new financial systems that emphasize integrated payment models.

We could not be more thrilled than to hear that our country is going to start taking care of those struggling with addictions and mental illness! Thank you America!