Family Program

The Rose offers a high-quality family program specifically created for women in Newport Beach, CA. To best serve our clients, The Rose provides rehabilitation tailored for adult women to deliver successful recovery.

Understanding Treatment at The Rose

When a woman comes to The Rose of Newport Beach to partake in the life-changing care we supply, she will come to know and experience how much we value her. We are dedicated to forming strong relationships with the clients we treat, and we make every effort to incorporate their cultures, values, and spiritual traditions into their treatment experiences. At The Rose, we also recognize the important roles that our clients’ loved ones play in their recovery journeys, so we include family members and loved ones in the therapeutic process as well. In addition to the weekly family calls our staff facilitates for each client, The Rose is proud to offer a monthly Family Program for friends, family members, and other loved ones who would benefit from learning more about addiction and how one person’s substance abuse can affect that person’s entire circle of family and friends.

Our Family Program Schedule

Individuals who are close to a person battling an addiction to drugs and/or alcohol are frequently impacted by their loved one’s substance abuse. When this occurs, these individuals require their own support and time to heal. The Rose’s Family Program aims to meet this need by offering two and a half days of programming, during which the following will occur:

  • Group therapy opportunities that cover a variety of addiction- and recovery-related topics
  • Psychoeducation opportunities that inform loved ones about the disease of addiction
  • Process groups, which allow family members and friends to work through their own thoughts and emotions regarding their experiences with their loved ones’ addiction
  • Case manager meetings, which will provide our clients’ family members and friends with information about their loved one’s progress while at The Rose
  • Al-Anon meetings
  • Alumni meetings
  • Tours of The Rose of Newport Beach

We strive to empower both our clients and their loved ones with the skills needed to move forward in their lives and heal as a unified front. Instilling hope and optimism for change is our overarching message throughout the programming offered in the Family Program, and we make it our mission to help those entrusted to our care experience relief from the pain and suffering that addiction has caused.

Seeking Help

Whether your mother, sister, daughter, or close friend is receiving our treatment, we want to help you, her concerned loved one, heal and understand how you can help your loved one during this difficult time. You and other people in your loved one’s life are capable of your own growing, changing, and learning, and we are happy to help you understand your important role in your loved one’s recovery.

To learn more about The Rose’s Family Program, feel free to contact us at your convenience. Our staff is available to inform you about our treatment and can provide you with more information about how we help and support the friends, family members, and other important people in our clients’ lives.

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Thanks to The Rose, I was finally able to get treatment for my substance use disorder. Other treatment options did not get me the breakthrough that The Rose was able to provide me.

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