Women’s Addiction Detox Treatment Program in Newport Beach

The Rose offers a high-quality drug and alcohol detox program specifically created for women in Newport Beach, CA. To best serve our clients, The Rose provides rehabilitation tailored for adult women to deliver successful recovery.

Understanding Detox

Learn more about detoxification at our treatment center in Newport Beach, CA

Prior to entering a residential treatment program at The Rose, located in Newport Beach, a woman may need to undergo a clinical detox process to safely free her body from chemical dependency so that her mind, body, and spirit can benefit from the recovery education she will receive for the next 30 to 90 days of residential treatment and programing.

The process of recovering from addiction truly begins once the woman who is struggling with addiction agrees to receive treatment at an addiction and detox program. Women who receive addiction treatment from an addiction program at The Rose can expect to receive kind, supportive, and caring treatment from our clinical staff. We are dedicated to giving women the best chance at achieving long-term recovery. Withdrawal symptoms vary for different addictive substances, and we have referral detox facilities in our treatment network that are California state licensed to effectively perform:

  • heroin detox
  • methadone detox
  • alcohol detox
  • meth (speed) detox
  • cocaine and crack cocaine detox
  • opiate/opioid/prescription medication detox (e.g., OxyContin, Vicodin, Percocet)
  • polysubstance detox

Seeking Help

Getting help from our drug & alcohol treatment program

Depending on the drug of choice and the history/volume of use, the detox process can last up to two weeks (generally it is between 2 to 4 days). The woman can potentially use this time while in detox to begin her recovery education by participating in 12-Step meetings with The Rose that build self-esteem and confidence that they can recover. Our program’s staff takes pride in helping women build momentum early in recovery. If the woman chooses to begin meetings with The Rose during detox, by the time the woman has completed detoxifying, she has started her treatment program and has learned:

  • To identify triggers and dangerous situations and emotions that cause her to crave her drug of choice.
  • To discuss underlying issues that contribute to her addiction.
  • To describe her goals in recovery.
  • That the 12-Step support groups are filled with others who have overcome addiction and are willing to help her.

During detoxification at one of our referral detox facilities, the woman will begin to “come out of the fog” and be ready to begin her intensive treatment regimen at one of the addiction programs at The Rose of Newport Beach, which includes a variety of therapy modalities, educational workshops, within its programs and a very busy slate of fun, esteem-building, and spiritually rewarding rehab activities. If necessary, the woman will continue taking medication after a detox program to assist her in managing relapse cravings. Medications like these have proven to increase the likelihood of successful long-term recovery (when the woman is actively invested in the other components of treatment).

Effective Rehab

An Exceptional and Effective Addiction Rehab Facility

The Rose of Newport Beach was created as the culmination of Sober Living by the Sea’s 23 years of knowledge of how to best keep women who enter an addiction program sober for the long haul. The addiction experts at Sober Living by the Sea created The Rose to provide an extremely exclusive and comfortable location for women to receive supportive and highly monitored primary residential treatment and programming for addiction and alcoholism.

While the woman’s experience in our program at our rehab facility will be an intimate one where she gets to know the relatively small on-site staff very well, there will be daily excursions for therapeutic activities and daily visits by the best addictions professionals in the treatment industry. The treatment experience will be a comfortable one that seems more like a “resort-like” escape than an extremely sophisticated clinical operation. However, the treatment the woman receives while in one of our addiction programs will be the best treatment clinically available performed by doctors and therapists who have a great track record in treating women who suffer from addiction and alcoholism.

We are waiting to patiently and discreetly answer any questions you may have about this process. Call us today to receive more information.

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