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The Rose’s drug & alcohol addiction treatment for women is rooted in a science-based, research-supported clinical model to ensure a healthier life without addiction. Our clients experience the strong impact art therapy can have on addiction.

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When entering addiction recovery there is a myriad of frustrations clients can experience. From learning how to engage in life without drugs and alcohol, to being in a new environment, opening up to a therapist, and many more. Knowing how difficult the changes are, we use a variety of therapies to work through the emotions that come up. A favorite of our clients is art therapy.

Art therapy is a powerful tool for clients to process experiences they find difficult to communicate. Through art clients can express themselves in an array of creative mediums, including drawing, painting, clay modeling, collaging, dancing, and more. Art therapists use a variety of art materials to help clients connect to feelings quicker and easier than with words alone. Particularly beneficial for addiction recovery, art therapy allows the participant to uncover their motives, impulses and actions. The physical process combined with the visual imagery can offer profound realizations for the participant.

Art Therapy & Addiction

Recovery from addiction is a process of self-discovery. The journey starts with taking time to look at the past, the present and forming ideas about the future. This work can be heavy and complex. The ability to pull back some of the layers through art can be incredibly profound. Given the prompts of the art therapists and the participation of the client much can be revealed.

Art therapy is a form of psychotherapy that originated with Margaret Naumburg in the 1940s. Naumburg, an American psychologist, used art with her clients as a way to manifest unconscious imagery. Through the decades, art therapy has helped a variety of populations, including children, the elderly, veterans, individuals with physical disabilities, and people who have been struggling with addiction.

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