General Anxiety Disorder Can Lead to Prescription Drug Abuse

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General Anxiety Disorder & Addiction

Generalized anxiety disorder is one of a number of anxiety and trauma related disorders that we encounter when treating women for addiction at The Rose.

Generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) is a painful and debilitating condition that is characterized by its sufferers as “worrying about nearly everything.”  Millions of people are diagnosed with the condition each year.  GAD is diagnosed much more often in women than men.  Those who suffer from GAD worry to the point that they cannot live a full and happy life.

But how do you know if you really have GAD?

This can be a complex question, because the symptoms of GAD can lead you to experience other psychiatric conditions, such as panic attacks.  Of course we recommended consulting a therapist, counselor, or psychiatrist if you are concerned about anxiety.
If you’ve ever felt nervous about a new job or meeting a new person, you know the anxiety you experience beforehand.  But imagine feeling that kind of worry about every little thing.  Imagine worrying that you may have a terminal illness, that your car might crash when you go out in the morning.  This is the life of the many people who live with this condition.  The degree to which one worries will vary, of course, but the condition is unending, for the most part.

General Anxiety Disorder can also produce feelings of inadequacy.  Sufferers may also avoid social situations—situations where they could make friends and join other social venues.   There are other issues that often present themselves in sufferers of  generalized anxiety disorder. Some sufferers try and remove themselves from all social settings and live a life of seclusion.  If you are married, this can obviously make things difficult for your spouse.

Prescription Drugs

Generalized anxiety disorder leads many to take prescription drugs (like xanax) to cope with the condition.  Some people take many different drugs and others will abuse the drugs and “doctor shop” to get an unhealthy amount of the drugs.

Prescription drug abuse is an epidemic in the United States.  A recent news report by the News-Times said that roughly 39,000 Americans die from prescription drug overdoses every year.  That’s why it is so important to seek treatment when you begin to build a tolerance to and become dependent on prescription medications.  Visiting multiple doctors is one sure sign that an unhealthy dependence on prescription drugs is developing.

The availability of prescription anti anxiety drugs online is a disturbing trend.  Many websites allow you to buy prescription drugs without a prescription.  Many of these drugs are shipped from overseas, so there is no regulation of the drugs’ quality.  This not only raises the potential for overdose, it also makes it easier for people to develop a prescription drug addiction.
Mixing multiple prescription drugs (or drugs with alcohol) is especially deadly because everyone’s body reacts differently and has different levels of tolerance to the substances.

Treatment For Anxiety and Addiction

Many people who suffer from generalized anxiety disorder try to self medicate and address the anxiety on their own. Then the abuse of the drugs causes many to retreat behind the shield of denial. even more prescription drug-related death.  In some cases, people try prescription drugs out of boredom and find that they can get high.
There is no cure for addiction or generalized anxiety disorder, but there is help.  The first step in getting help is picking up the phone and making an appointment with a behavioral health professional.

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