Alcohol Addiction Overdose Rehab for Women in Newport Beach

The Rose provides alcohol addiction treatment for women at risk of suffering an alcohol overdose. Our treatment is designed for women by women, providing exceptional resources to prevent alcohol overdose.

What is Overdose?

What is alcohol overdose?

The abuse of any substance can bring about a host of negative outcomes for an individual. A person’s relationships with friends and family members can become tarnished, one’s career can flounder, and there is a good possibility that the person who is abusing substances will have interaction with the legal system due to engaging in risky, reckless, or criminal behavior while under the influence. Adverse outcomes such as these are often commonplace to those who abuse or are addicted to alcohol, more specifically, as problematic drinking can cause widespread devastation across an individual’s entire life. Thankfully, these consequences can be mitigated or avoided all together with the help of a professional alcohol addiction treatment and rehab center such at The Rose of Newport Beach.

When a person does not seek treatment and rehab and abuses alcohol, she makes herself vulnerable to not just social and career ruin, but also to numerous health concerns that could threaten her overall wellbeing. Among such concerns is the potential for overdose. An overdose on alcohol, which is also called alcohol poisoning, occurs when a person drinks more alcohol than her body is capable of handling. In many instances, an individual’s body will attempt to expel the alcohol that was consumed, though even when this occurs a person’s health can be at risk due to the overdose.

Furthermore, if a person abuses other substances at the same time as alcohol, the resulting effects, including overdose, can be deadly. For example, if an individual consumes prescription pain medications or some other type of mind or mood-altering substance, that person may not be mindful of how much alcohol she is drinking and is also placing herself at risk for experiencing the negative effects brought on by the other substances consumed as well. In the event that an overdose occurs while under the influence of alcohol and another substance, the outcome could be fatal. To avoid a fatality, treatment and rehab for an alcohol addiction such as that offered at The Rose of Newport Beach should be sought.

Signs of Overdose

The signs of alcohol overdose

Experiencing an overdose after consuming a large amount of alcohol is a life-threatening situation to be in. How quickly an individual can be affected by alcohol can differ from one person to the next, as a person’s weight and ability to metabolize alcohol can impact how soon and what kind of effects alcohol can produce. However, should an individual display the following signs after drinking beer, liquor, or wine, an overdose may have occurred and it is important that emergency medical care is sought:

  • Shallow or slowed breathing
  • Vomiting
  • Incoherent speech
  • Loss of consciousness
  • Loss of skin tone
  • Confusion
  • Hypothermia (low body temperature)
  • Seizures

Showing Signs of Overdose

What to do if a person is showing signs of alcohol overdose

As previously stated, an overdose as a result of consuming too much alcohol should be treated as a medical emergency. If an individual presents with any of the aforementioned signs of alcohol overdose, it is important to take action quickly. If there is doubt as to whether or not 9-1-1 needs to be called, it is better to just call and allow emergency medical personnel to if an overdose has occurred and determine how best to proceed.

If you are a close friend or family member of someone who is experiencing an alcohol overdose and intend on accompanying your loved one to get medical care, you can be of assistance by providing medical personnel with the following important information:

  • The amount of alcohol that your loved one has consumed
  • The length of time that your loved one has been drinking
  • Any additional substances that your loved one may have also consumed
  • All of the signs of overdose that you noticed that prompted you to contact emergency medical services

By providing the above listed information, you can help the responding medical personnel assess your loved one with a more complete picture of what transpired before 9-1-1 was called. Should you not have the above listed information after a loved one potentially overdoses, emergency medical personnel can still assess your loved one’s needs and make a determination based on her symptoms.

For some, overdosing on alcohol is a one-time circumstance in which the individual drank too much and experienced the consequences of doing so. However, there are some individuals who experience alcohol overdose more frequently and continue repeating the pattern of drinking and experiencing life-threatening effects and overdoses as a result. When this is the case for a person, it can mean that that individual is struggling with an addiction to alcohol and is in need of treatment at a professional rehab, such at The Rose of Newport Beach, in order to break free from this dangerous form of chemical dependency.

Why Consider Treatment

Why consider alcohol addiction treatment at Newport Beach, CA

At The Rose of Newport Beach, as a leading provider of addiction treatment and rehab for women, we understand how an addiction to alcohol and an overdose due to that addiction can severely impact a person’s life. In choosing to heal at our renowned center, you or an important person in your life can gain the skills needed to achieve recovery and avoid further adversity brought on by alcohol use, including overdose.

If you would like to learn more about our treatment and rehabilitation or are interested in scheduling an assessment, feel free to contact The Rose of Newport Beach at your convenience. We look forward to helping you or a loved one achieve the recovered life that is deserving of all people.

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