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The Rose offers comfortable alcohol detox for women in Newport Beach, CA. Our safe, beachfront environment is the ideal setting for detoxification and unlike any other rehab experience in Southern California.

Importance of Alcohol Detox

The importance of detox for alcohol addiction

When individuals are addicted to alcohol, all facets of their lives can be negatively impacted. Even though the consumption of beer, wine, and liquor is a widely accepted practice for individuals over the age of 21 in the United States, there are still many people who find themselves stuck in a pattern of chronic alcohol abuse that leads to monumental disruption in their lives and requires professional addiction treatment at a rehab, such at The Rose of Newport Beach, in order to become well again.

Some individuals who have developed an addiction to alcohol may be able to cease their consumption of this substance on their own, without the help of professional treatment or rehabilitation. It is more common, however, for those who are battling a chemical dependency concern of this kind to require professional help in the form or addiction rehab, treatment, and /or detox in order to overcome their alcohol addiction.

For many, residential treatment at an addiction rehab like The Rose of Newport Beach can be the most beneficial treatment option when working to overcome a dependency on alcohol. By taking part in a residential treatment and rehab program, individuals are able to step out of the daily routines of their lives and place their sole focus on their recovery. Additionally, by placing oneself in the safe and secure setting of residential treatment or an addiction detox center, she will not have access to alcohol, therefore working to prevent the temptation to continue using.

The first step on the road to recovery from alcohol dependency is often detoxification. Detoxification, or detox, can be available in both residential and inpatient treatment and rehab settings. Detox refers to the process of having one’s body cleared of any harmful substances, including alcohol. Once the substance has been safely removed from a person’s system, she can then place her focus on participating in the therapeutic interventions in addiction treatment and rehab that can assist in helping her achieve lasting recovery.

Benefits of Alcohol Detox

Benefits of detoxing from alcohol addiction at The Landing Recovery Ranch in Newport Beach, CA

When individuals attempt to stop consuming alcohol on their own once a dependency on the substance has developed, they face the challenge of going through withdrawal, which, when not done in a supervised detox center, can often be enough to make them return to drinking. Withdrawal occurs when a person’s body has become accustomed to the presence of a substance, like alcohol, and then is suddenly denied the presence of that substance. The symptoms of withdrawal can be extremely uncomfortable, but they can be alleviated once the substance is consumed again. This is why so many people who attempt to detox from alcohol on their own ultimately return to drinking. When these people go through detox at an addiction treatment rehab center, however, they are in a safe environment where they are medically monitored during detox and where the uncomfortable symptoms of withdrawal can be alleviated without having to consume alcohol once more.

There are many benefits to receiving detoxification services at the beginning of one’s treatment and rehab for alcohol abuse. Examples of such benefits can include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Dangerous substances are cleared from the person’s system in a safe and effective manner during detox, helping to jumpstart the recovery process without placing the individual at risk for negative consequences.
  • Medical staff are present and are able to supervise the detox process, ensuring the health and overall wellbeing of individuals who are receiving detoxification.
  • Once the detox process is complete, individuals can feel comfortable with fully participating in other therapeutic interventions so that long-lasting recovery can begin. Detoxification allows people to be freed from the overpowering cravings for more alcohol and the distressing symptoms that can arise during the withdrawal process, offering them the mental clarity to benefit from other treatment interventions.

When individuals who are battling an addiction to alcohol opt to not receive detox in the beginning stages of addiction treatment and rehab, they are at risk for experiencing a number of detriments. As was previously mentioned, the greatest risk posed to those who do not receive detox is that the cycle of alcohol abuse is likely to continue. The cravings for alcohol that can ensue can be insurmountable and overpowering, breaking down even the strongest of people who are attempting to detox from alcohol. As this cycle continues, the risks only continue to worsen. Health problems can arise, relationships can deteriorate, and careers can be placed in peril. Furthermore, the longer than an individual continues to drink without receiving addition treatment at a rehab such at The Rose of Newport Beach, the greater the risk that she will experience alcohol poisoning becomes.

It is important to recognize, however, that these risks are preventable. By receiving comprehensive alcohol abuse treatment and rehab that includes detoxification services, women are able to break free from their addiction to alcohol and resume living healthy, happy, and fulfilling lives.

Why Consider Alcohol Detox

Why consider alcohol detox & rehab at the Rose of Newport Beach

At The Rose of Newport Beach, we recognize how difficult it can be to fight the battle against alcohol dependency without professional addiction treatment and rehab services, which is why we are dedicated to providing all-encompassing care that ensures the safety, encouragement, and support that are necessary to assist women in defeating their addiction. We also provide referrals to detox rehab centers. If you or someone you care about could benefit from the addiction treatment and rehab we provide, please do not hesitate to contact us today. At The Rose of Newport Beachs, lasting recovery is within reach.

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