A Message from Our CEO

Welcome to The Rose, a special place of healing and hope for women who are struggling with addictions and related challenges.

Thank you for visiting our website, and for taking a few moments to learn a bit more about our program. Regardless of how long you or your loved one has been struggling with addiction, the decision to finally get the help you need is rarely an easy one to make. I commend you for taking this important first step. I am dedicated to helping women to stop being ‘prisoners’ of their past and become ‘pioneers’ of their future – and I know that this can’t happen without taking the essential step that you’ve just taken.

The primary goal of The Rose is to help women achieve their first 30 to 90 days of sobriety while establishing a strong foundation for lifelong recovery. When you choose to heal with us, you join a warm and nurturing community that will provide you with the guidance and support that you need to heal emotionally, physically, and spiritually.

At The Rose, we understand the ways in which addiction affects women. More importantly, we have years of experience helping women overcome the issues that either led to or have been exacerbated by their addiction. From the moment you arrive at The Rose, you will be in a safe place where your unique needs can be met in an atmosphere of dignity and respect.

While every woman’s residence at The Rose is unique, and is customized to meet her specific needs, I believe that the following note from one of our alumni does a wonderful job of expressing what we hope you will experience as you heal with us:

My time here at The Rose has been a life changing experience and it is gratitude that I feel to each and every one of you. I cannot even begin to put into words the impact all of you have had on my life. I know that no matter where I am, I can close my eyes, think of all the amazing times with you women, and smile. All my life I have wanted a sister. God answered my prayers and gave me all of you – the best sisters anyone could ask for. I love you all.

Again, thank you for your interest in The Rose, and for sharing a few moments with me on this page. To learn more about how our program is uniquely prepared to meet your needs or the needs of someone you love, please feel free to call us at your convenience (888.908.9646), or complete the short form on our Contact page.

From all of us at The Rose, we wish you peace, love, and a bright and beautiful tomorrow!


Jen DeVore
The Rose