Whitney Houston’s Death Causes Some To Question: Why Miss Recovery?

The death of the beloved entertainer, Whitney Houston this past Saturday afternoon is still sinking in for many. The toxicology report are still pending release, but the Los Angeles County Coroner did make a statement that drugs and alcohol played a part in Houston’s death. Houston spoke candidly about her addictions in the past decade. For those outside of the recovery world it doesn’t seem to make sense. Many are questioning how a wealthy individual with so many resources for help and rehabilitation can die from their addictions. Those of us who work in the recovery field know the clique too well, “No amount of money can buy happiness” or recovery.

What does secure long-term recovery is willingness to heal. As a recovery facility, we stand as a source of hope and healing, but our services can do nothing if the client is unwilling to take what we offer. Stories are often shared about addicts who bounce in and out of rehab. This is not a symptom of a poor rehabilitation center it is simply the client’s disease getting in the way of what healing is being offered. It is the job of the staff to connect with the client and bring them closer to willingness, but the key is in the client’s hands.

We may never know what conversations were had with Houston in regards to her addiction. The death of Houston life leaves a large hole in the music industry and within her family, Houston is survived by her mother and teenage daughter. Houston’s contribution to the entertainment industry undoubtedly will never be forgotten. Now her teenager is without a mother and her many fans are now without their inspiration. We can only hope and pray that her life is testament to get recovery while there is time.