Womens Only Program

Why treatment at a ‘women’s only’ facility? Both men and women share many symptoms of alcohol and drug addiction, but their pathways to abuse and addiction can be quite different.

If you have spent any time researching addiction treatment centers, then you are aware that there is a positive correlation between time spent in a treatment program and the individual’s likelihood of achieving long-term sobriety.

Another statistic that is well-documented is the positive relationship between attending a gender-specific primary care program and the likelihood of long-term successful abstinence.

Giving Our Women the Best Chance at Recovery

At The Rose for Women, our addiction treatment experts have created a private, structured, and highly supervised treatment facility in a beautiful home right on the beach. The woman who participates in The Rose’s addiction treatment program will find herself in a clean, cozy, and enjoyable resort-like environment while she receives state-of-the-art addiction treatment.

Being in a ‘women’s only’ program allows the woman to work together with others and forge caring bonds of accountability and support. The woman can focus solely on her recovery for 30, 60, or 90 days, and build an excellent foundation that will help her overcome the urge to relapse when she graduates to less supervised care.

Women Experience Addiction and Alcoholism Differently than Men

Another reason to begin recovery at a ‘women’s only’ treatment center is that research suggests that women experience drug and alcohol addiction differently than men do. Not only do they have different biological responses and co-morbid factors, but they also have separate reasons for turning to drugs and alcohol in the first place. Given these differences, women fare best in gender-specific recovery programs during the first 30 to 90 days of treatment.

Women have different predisposing risk factors, psychological disorders, and family and social risk factors than men.  There various parts of the woman’s experience and personality contribute to chemical dependency.

Women Have Unique Issues and Needs

Women are more likely to have experienced physical or sexual abuse than men, and commonly present their addiction with a dual diagnosis. Women who are mothers trapped in their addiction bring a special set of frustration and problems to their treatment. The women at The Rose understand this as many of them are mothers in recovery themselves.

Women in treatment (and after treatment) are often at greater risk of relapse than men for a variety of reasons. Women also relapse for different reasons than men do. Our experience has shown that women are more likely to relapse as a result of interpersonal problems, and are also less likely to relapse when they are alone. Because women tend to obtain more social support from friends than do men, they may find themselves more often in situations in which they feel pressured into substance use due to peer interaction. Also, relapse risk is exacerbated when women are in the regular presence of a romantic partner.

The Rose is a Place for Women to Find Serenity

For all of the above reasons, The Rose was designed as a nice, clean, and private drug rehab facility for women to build a foundation toward a lifelong program of recovery. Contact our helpful treatment center admissions team to have all of your questions answered and to begin an assessment of you or your loved one’s drug or alcohol abuse. This important step will ultimately lead to the caring and effective help that you or your loved one deserve.

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