A Typical Day

Through near constant therapeutic activities, women who are in treatment at The Rose will learn about their addiction and build a support system that will allow them to achieve long term abstinence from drug or alcohol abuse.

The Rose has a very dynamic daily schedule because we are committed to restoring health and balance to the woman who seeks our help.

typical_day1Women will wake up early and begin to immediately take advantage of The Rose’s location on the beach by either taking a beach walk (weekdays) or having private meditation time (weekends).

Throughout the week, the schedule varies from day to day, but women will be on a steady path to recovery by participating in a very holistic treatment regimen. The Rose’s treatment schedule not only includes therapy sessions and support groups but also activities that will get the woman back in touch with their bodies physically and will build self esteem as her momentum of recovery builds through successive completion of recovery assignments (and the accumulation of sober days).

The Rose schedule will include a wide variety of therapeutic techniques ranging from hypnotherapy to trauma workshops, to psychodrama activities, to relapse prevention education.

Please follow the links below to view sample schedules for our treatment programs.

Residential Program
Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP)
Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)

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